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Without knowing how your artwork was created or what it looks like, I'd like to recommend that you avoid purchasing plug-ins like Fast Films or Spot Process. They don't do anything that you can't do yourself in Photoshop or Illustrator with a bit of training and an investment of a few hours.

I believe that the industry's reliance on "out of the box" separation programs hurts everyone all around (except, of course, for the program's sellers and developers). Not only does an individual lose out on vital learning and understanding by using push-button solutions, but any kind of individuality in the separations gets lost...there's nothing to distinguish one person's work from another's. When that happens, there's no reason why a consumer should prefer one vendor over another. This helps feed the environment where all that's left to compete on is price.

Just my opinion, of course.

Those programs are a "quick" solution to what you should already have learned. I personally have to use a few programs to assist my separations along the way. Photoshop / Illustrator (for the vector stuff) and so forth. I avoid Corel Draw with all haste as I've developed my skill with Adobe products being an Illustrator/Cartoonist in the apparel industry.

My set up is simple (Vue Rite Spot Process for provided art I can't stand to look at for very long) and Wilflex's Easy Art 2 for the simple CMYK or 4 color process separations. Photoshop can sep the CMYK already but if you don't know Photoshop that well, we bought this program from the ISS Long Beach show a while back and it's worked out fairly well.

I also use Wasatch SoftRip and an Epson 7600 for film output.

Again. One should know more about the programs, but if you don't know a lot about Adobe or Corel products, see the listed above.

It's like working on a car... if you don't know which way the breaks are suppose to go... take it to a mechanic! :)
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