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what do you think of ....

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I just did an update in the design of my web site and i'll add in a very close future an oscommerce shop, but may be before that you could have a look on there and make criticism..... please.

Am not looking for the oh it s great comment, looking for something alittle more helpfull to go forward......

best regards,


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First thing I noticed is a splash page. These really serve no purpose on a t-shirt site. I would do away with it. It is an extra click for your visitors to do and you only gonna get a certain amount of clicks before they decide to leave your site, so dont waste one click with a splash page.
Next i notice alot of dead space on your first page. I would fill this area with some of your top designs, or give alot more text for the people to read.
There is a typo error on your contact page... "sen" should be "send" plus this...You know a good website or you are a designer? should read... Do you know of a good website or are you a designer?
Your gallery page is dead????
Your home link is in the wrong spot... Should be right at the top...
Are you selling anything? I dont see any shirts or anything else for sale??
You dont really need a link back to your splash page, dont even need the splash page.
Hope this helps you!

I dont think he is actually selling any Tees. The overall objective seems to be a colaboration of links. I am just curious as how you plan on generating profits, are you going to be adding advertisements in the near future as your primary source of income?

Also, regarding the site....I agree with everything that Thomas stated. Splash pages are tricky to get "right". It really does server no purpose. I used a splash page once for a client of mine, but only because it was for a page selection (flash or html) screen, and also to show the requirements to view the site (obviously it was not an ecommerce site, was a showcase).

Also, I find that the overall website is unproportional. It doesnt really have visual flow. The only thing that it seems you have designed is your banner. Everything else is a standard wordpress template. I guess thats ok if all you are doing is link exchange. But some of the modules probably dont fit with your site.
Hi Yves,

I noticed on your "About" page you didn't capitalize the first letter of your sentence. Also there are a few grammar and punctuation mistakes scattered around the website. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is. On the web you really have to work hard to make sure people know you are "real" and professional.

For example, don't use !!!!!!!, just use !. Elipses (....) should not be used at all. That kind of thing.

I agree with the comments from other people, you need to work on your layout so there isnt a huge gap of blank space toward the bottom of the page. Perhaps you need to rework your "links" section somehow, so it doesn't stretch out the page like that.

This doesn't have anything to do with design, but rather your content - On your "Links" page, you just have the link to the website and pictures of some of their products. You might take the time to explain in each post the reason why you have chosen that particular site, such as what kind of products they have, why you like the designs, and how much they are selling the products for (very important).

Very simply, giving a description of each link is going to make people more likely to visit them.

Hope this helps .. :)
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