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Overall, nice. The site's got a clean, slick look. However, you've got an awful lot of text up front on the home page. People don't like to read and big blocks of text like that can scare 'em away. I understand the need to use text to improve search engine rankings, but you could definitely make it less prominent and still achieve that goal.

It's also not entirely clear from the gitgo what this site is. If I'd landed here randomly I'd have assumed that this was a blog and might have clicked off into the wild blue before noticing the "Our Shirts" link in the left nav. You could solve that problem by adding a tagline, reducing the amt of text up front and by putting more professional product shots above the fold. The two kid shots you have there now are cute, but they say "look at my cute kid" (again, blog) more than they say "check out the cool shirts you can buy here".

I would also add "more info" and/or "buy" links to the Our Shirts page.

Finally, the url and header say punkbebe but the page titles say punkbabe. Is that a typo? (Oops, just noticed you mentioned that in your post).

All that being said, this is better than most version 1.0 sites!
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