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What do you think of my look book.

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Hey guys,

Our sales have finally gotten to the point that I'd like to start getting into stores. To this end I designed a look book and was seeing if you guys had any advice before i went and printed them. I was thinking of doing a look-book to send to prospective stores and if they show interest then sending a catalog. Or should i just combine them?

Anyways its not letting me attach the pdf for some reason so here is a link to it.
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Hello, your image is not showing on the link above. It could be because I'm on my phone (I phone) never had that problem before. Let me know if you think it's a phone problem and I'll check it out later on my desktop.
-Risen Apparel
I thinks it's a phone thing. It worked on my phone (iPhone).
aren't most stores willing to accept a linesheet these days? Printing out a look book seems a bit of a waste unless the look book is serving another purpose for the retail. The layout looks good and the designs are good too, I'd say you've got a winning combo there already.

good luck!
These are really awesome tees designs and well printed, i like the models ! :p
Yeah I have the look book and a separate line sheet. I normally just send the look book out and if I get interest back I then send them the linesheet
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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