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Thanks Ridgely. Cmon printers! Help me out!! I am fairly new and I dont know if this is a good investment or if I will get stuck with an old press that I cant find parts for? Help me out!!
Does the press need a part right now?
Here you can find by calling them if they still provide parts for your press : M&R SALES & SERVICE, INC.
M&R Companies
1N372 Main Street Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 60137
630-858-6101 Fax :
Toll Free: 800-736-6431
Good luck

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If you are looking to get serious with printing I would look in other directions. this is just me but I don't know anything about the Blue max printer.

Depending on the dryer it may be a great buy if the dryer is a good one.

I would check into it a little deeper. Post the models and serial numbers of the equipment and more on here will be able to better help you.

Good Luck from Dad
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