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What do you mount your shirt on for Pretreatment?

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I'm looking for a better way to mount my shirts for pretreatment. Currently I clip the shirt with metal binder clips to a piece of coroplast. I've been looking around to see what some of you are using but haven't found any info yet. I was thinking about buying a couple screen printing platens of different sizes so I can slip the shirt over and pretreat without using clips but they are on the pricey side..

What are you using? Pictures would be good too! :)
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I went simple to start out. I have a piece of 3/4 inch laminated plywood about 24 inches wide and 4 foot tall with a screw in the top center and an inch down. Put the shirt on a plastic hanger and hang it on the screw... One day I'm sure I'll build something fancy, but for now I'm on the cheap and simple wagon...
I built a simple setup using a platen style board. It is a few inches larger than the DTG shirt platen so that the pretreat is is sprayed on the shirt surface slightly larger than what would be printed to insure no missed spots.

I mounted the shirt board on a base such that the whole shirts sits just about straight up. I use rubber band to pull the shirt edges around the back. I do this as I hate overspray on the slleeves, neck etc.
I took 3 pieces of grid wall formed into a U shape, put a hook about 5' up in the middle, hung a shelf with a 1" tall front stop at about 3 feet, leaned an 18" vinyl square from the front stop to the grid. I draped all metal parts in plastic, as it will rust from the pretreat and transfer to the shirts.

This way, you can hang the shirt from the hook on a plastic hanger, it drapes around the vinyl sheet, and you have a hard surface to roll afterwards.
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