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What do I need to begin Screen Printing?

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Sorry If I sound a little Dumb :p
But so far I have only done Sublimation printing and am now recieving orders with quantities larging enough to warrant screen printing.

Where do I start can someone please go back to basics and tell me what I need to buy / do ??


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You may want to take a look at some of the screen printing starter kits that are offered by different vendors and see what all is included in the packages.

You can also watch videos on YouTube that show the process and equipment.
go to you tube , it depends if you want a to do it for a full time job or extra money, you can get a start up package for a little as one grand, no production.
You can also search on Google for: How to Screen Print. You'll get a bunch of links. Try watching the YouTube videos on that subject.

Also, you can Outsource your screen printing needs to a local screen printer with Contracting pricing. Even if you buy the equipment today, you'll need some time to practice.

You're going to need a screen printing press, Film, Screens, Emulsion, ink, a flash unit, an exposure unit, scoup coater, ink scouper, stiring stick, and a dryer of some kind. Oh, also a printer to print the film.

If you watch the videos you'll get the idea. Also, don't get a Yudu machine, in my humble opinion.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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