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I'd like to ask advice from you guys who know a lot more than me.
Before that though, just to say what a great forum this is, and how generous everyone is in sharing their experience. It has been an education to read through some of the posts - including the comprehensivce "Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers".
I do a small amount of mug printing, and also want to start doing tshirts. All fairly small scale, usually doing stuff at cost for charities and community groups I am connected with.
I have the following kit
a4 and a3+ presses
mug press
HP8550 A3 Laser printer (non-oil, tends to run quite hot
HP Design Jet Colorpro CMYK A3 inkjet printer
Epson Rx425 CMYK a4 Printer
I have been using Image Clip for the mugs (on the laser) and find both the cost of the paper (~ 1 USD per A4 sheet here in UK) and the durability of the result to be less than impressive. I am using image clip on hte HP8550, and the number of sheets I have to print to warm up increases the cost on short runs - they ahve to be in colour, as pringin in mono doesn't seem to heat up the machine in the same way. Also (using genuine HP toner) I get a problem of the paper sticking to the mugs if I use black - I replace black with dark blue in the transfers.
My question is, given where I am, what way forward would people suggest, and with what paper/ink combinations?
1) use the laserjet
2) Use the HP designjet
3) restrict myself to a4 and use the epson and dye-sub
4) get an a3 epson and use dye-sub
5) Other ideas
Ideally I would like to stick to the one machine for both mugs and tshirts. I can get CIS systems for the inkjets at reasonable prices.
Clearly option 4 has an attractive simplicity, but if I could get something working with the Kit I already have, that would be great.
Someone did post on the forums saying he was successfully doing mugs on an HP 8550, but no details of what paper he was using.
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