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What CIS, and What type of paper

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I just got my Epson 1280 off ebay on Saturday. I would like recommendations for the type of pigment ink I should use for heat transfering (I've read with some that the colors will turn once the heat is applied) and which CIS system (or is there strictly a cartridge type of device?). Also which paper should I go with...for lights and darks. I'am still in the learning stages...:D
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The yellow ink have to be for heat transfer, it would not turn into green when heat is applied.
If you go with a CISS, I recommend injetcarts.us
As for paper, I do prefer JPSS (Jet Pro Soft Stretch) from t-shirtsupplies.com. That is for whites. For blacks I use Jetwear, but I just started using it, so I am new in the black printing arena.
I think Marcelo gave you great answers. I will say not everyone has the yellowing issue, but it normally can be fixed with a adjustment. .... JB
as for the CIS, I recommend inkrepublic.com
Hi. I mainly use thirdy party inks and have never had any issues with inks discolouring when under the heat press. There is probably some poorly made ink that may do this, but as JB indicated, this can usually be corrected either through the program you are using, or through the advanced properties section of your print driver.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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