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WHat are the "heads" on a plotter

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I am lookin at buying two plotters for a very reasonable price off someone I know. The trouble is they have told me this, "turn on but heads need looking at". What are the heads on a cutter and are the heads easy to repair or are they expensive to replace. Any help would be great

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Could be the blade holders they're referring to, or the whole blade holder and carriage assembly. I'd try to get more details. Could be something as simple as the blade needing to be replaced or the bar it rides on needing to be oiled; or it could be a bigger problem.

What model cutters?
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Yeah I agree, the problem could be as simple as they have not tried software with it which would obviously mean the cutting head wont move, but they are well cheap and I have to assume there is something wrong with them otherwise Im gonna buy them thinking I can fix them easy and it will cost me a lot of money. The guy doesn't know a lot about them and he is just trying to shift them asap. Apparently they have worked in the past and he said he hasn't set them up with software to try them he has only turned them on. Well if that is all he has done, then it wont do anything so Im hoping its his lack of knowledge.

The cutters are, Pcus but what model I dont know, Ill upload images

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If they are free I would take them, if not then I would pass. The bottom pic is a refine 871 which they have been having a lot of motherboard problems with.
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