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Hello there

I have this dream to start a small website where I am to sell shirts (just one design though). The eventual income on the shirts should go to cultural activities. Anyway some things concern me.

I have been looking around both this site and searching the internet as well, but I have some unanswered questions.

I am young, and at the moment I only have ~10.000 DKK (~1700 USD) to start up this project. Because of this I almost certainly want to not contact a manufacturer, but instead contact a printing service (such as spreadshirt or tagless-thread-screen-printing).

The problem with spreadshirt is that I think it looks very amateurish to refer to a spreadshirt shop. Also spreadshirt does not offer to relabel their shirts. This is vital for me, as I want people to feel that they buy a special product when they buy the shirt.

Also, are any such services (relabeling) offered in the EU? - preferably with T-shirt printing as well.

And the last - and most important question:
Is it legal -in the EU - to resell rebranded shirts?
I see that the laws refered to on this site are US-laws, and I am not sure they apply in the EU. I am unable to find any Danish laws on this though.

Thanks in advise

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