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What Are Hip/Hop Urban Using for Transfers?

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I recently walked into a Urban Store and saw some transfers that had a full color photo on them. The design felt plastic but was pressed on just like normal transfers.

I was also in a children's store recently and saw the same thing.

This is essentially a pressed on plastic feeling design. The description says it's screenprinted but I don't know anything that has a plastic feel like that. I'm thinking they are covering it with something.

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it was not full color printed vinyl right ?
I was told that a lot of these were done with a glossy overlay paper that gives it the shiny/rubbery feeling.

I think coastalbusiness.com carries that type of overlay paper. I saw a shirt at their Printwear tradeshow booth that was exactly how you described, and Keith said that's how it was done.

There may be other methods of doing it as well.
Hi Rodney & Lucy,

Thanks for the feedback.

Lucy: I don't think it's printed directly on it looks to be either a carrier sheet over the design or as Rodney says something put on the transfer to make it "shiny".

I have a teflon sheet i put over a design I recently did and it's shines but nothing like what I'm describing. This is so shiny it looks like real plastic. I even touched it to see.

I'm gonna go buy the tee since my daughter(s) can wear it so i can example it more better.

I will also give Costal a call and see if what they are offer is "telfon paper" as I already have that or something else.

Thanks both of you for the info.

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Hi Rodney,

Just wanted to say thank you for the info. I ordered some of that paper and it does make it shine better than a teflon sheet.

Also to you Lucy,

You may have been on the right track when you asked was that vinyl that was printed on. The shirt from Children's place does seem to be some type of clear vinyl that has been printed on. But it also looks like under the vinyl is some screenprinting areas as the part under her feet which indicates speed marks/flying it's clear and you can see "glitter" which appears to be on the shirt.

All said thanks a bunch for your help. I am amazed by all these creative ways to make shirts I see around :)
I use those high gloss transfer sheets from coastal. They work great but arent going to give your design that plastic type feel. Well they will but the look and feel I was going for was a lot thicker than the gloss sheets. I talked with a guy from the company I buy my screen printing inks and he told me to try using an ink reducer. i.e. heat transfer your design then screen the reducer over the design for the thick plastic feel.

I havent had a chance to try this yet, but it sounds like it should work.
It maybe overlayed with DAZZLE which is a glossy material. Coastal Business Supplies sells it.
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