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What are 4-Color Prints?

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Hi guys,

Quick question: What are 4 color plastisol prints?

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They are plastisol transfers that can have unlimited colors because they are printed using combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow and black – also know as 4-color process.
I was thinking it was a design that had four colors to it
You have spot color where you can count each individual color. A four color spot print might include something like black, white, red, blue. Spot colors may be 1 or more colors.

A process color print uses four transparent inks, magenta, cyan, yellow and black to produce many colors, like a photo. The inks go down wet on wet and depending on many variables, mesh, halftone, etc.; will combine to produce different colors. Black is not strictly necessary but its tough to get rich blacks without it. Look up Subtractive Color Theory.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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