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Interesting...I would like to see what the the ad rates will be when they get them ready, though. Especially since they describe them as "very inexpensive".

I don't really care about the music part of it, personally. But some of the seminars and workshops could be beneficial, depending upon the subject matter.

I would still prefer listen to the music I already have at home, and learn by reading and doing, rather than doing both of those things on a site like that, though.

But one thing, I have learned is that there are enough people in the world for everyone to be successful at whatever niche they have if they do it the right way!

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After posting that I met the guy that started the station at the ISS show in Long Beach today. I think his name is Jeff. He’s the son of Scott who owns US Screen Print and Ink Jet Tech.

He started that station about two years ago. Just shows how long it takes to find certain stuff! At least me anyway.
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