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WF7110 blue ink issue

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So I'm using the WF-7110 with recommended durabrite ink. When I go to print something blue in color, white lines lines show up in it. Besides the white lines it doesn't print it correct, the corners of the number 5 I printed look jagged. I printed an image with a large blue number 5 and other various colors on the same print out and the blue has tons of lines! I've done all the cleaning, aligment adjusting, roller cleans, what else can I do? It is only happening with blue ink. Its so bad I cant use the images that are being printed. Also, it has new ink but I was having the issue before I replaced the ink, and its only when something is blue in color.
The blue I'm trying to print is a deep blue, or dark blue, when I print a light blue, the lines are almost, almost, unnoticeable.

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All the ink in the nozzle head check print wave. None of the lines are straight...
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