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Hi guys, didn't know where else to turn so thought I would ask here.

I have a wf 1100. had a blocked print head, so I took it apart, cleaned it, put it back together, it rejected my ink cartridges so I bought another set, chucked them in then the printer turned itself off mid cleaning cycle so I tried turning it off and on again a few times then POP. my stepdown transformer exploded. (I bought the printer from the states 110v and I use it in NZ 220v).

I thought oh great, so I bought a new transformer. however the printer still wont turn on. as soon as power is applied it makes a very faint beep. but no light on the power button or anything.

Now, I decided to test this new transformer with a multimeter, I get zero volts reading from the output terminal. which I thought was strange (I got zero after i tested the old transformer after it died too). I am not sure if I should see 110v or not. i think i should? But the transformer is brand new, fuse is good, power lights up.

I was hoping there may be a fuse in the printer someone where but i suspect not. so now Im a bit stuck, i don't knwo if its the printer or the transformer. I suspect the printer but anything else I can do? I am about to throw it away very soon, really wanted to get it working!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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