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WF 7010 Spring missing blank prints

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Hello guys,

I registered here a long time ago for shirt printing and ended up buying an Epson WF 7010 years ago.

Anyways I haven't been doing that, but I am actually trying to reuse my printer for label printing.

I got new ink catridges and noticed a loose spring in the printer. It looks kind of like this except the hooks are a loop:


For the life of me I can't figure out where it goes but I am sure this is why it's printing blanks.

If only I could have some kind of comparison so when I look inside of this printer I can tell where it goes.
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Once stuff falls out of these printers its time for another $150 replacement. They have the wf7210 its the same machine with minor tweaks pointless. I suggest you go to printpayless.com for your ink needs. The printer is disposable.
Thanks for the response! I was thinking the same so wife and I went to staples and got a WF 4730, pretty much the same as WF-7210 minus the wide format. After some debating, I concluded with the wife it's cheaper on cartridges and we don't need the wide format printing for our business needs. Would have been nice but hey. Plus it's nice it has a scanner and is wifi ready compared to my old WF 7010.

I will look into the printpayless ink, I was wondering about that! Staples sells the Epson C, M, Y and Black cartridges for a lot.. sure is the real money making business!

Thank you.
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What cartridges would I get off of www.printpayless.com ?

According to Epson we need 802 catridges, black, cyan, magenta, yellow:

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