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I have lurked here in the shadows for a short time and now find myself in need of some advice.

Here is the situation...I am using a WF-7010 with refillable carts using sublimation ink from a popular supplier here on the forum. The printer is brand new from Epson and has never had any other ink run through it. 3 out of the 4 colors are great but black prints very blotchy.

I have cleaned the heads, aligned, and the nozzle check comes out perfect. I even reprimed the black cart.I am using Sub Paper from Coastal and printing on Aluminum and FRP/TPU.

I also have a C88+ running Hyd Ink which actually works pretty well. Colors are vibrant and the Black is solid.

The Black being printed out of the WF-7010 is uneven and blotchy. As I have printed on the same paper from both printers and have gotten different results I think it is safe to rule out the paper.

I spent an hour on the phone with Epson trying to troubleshoot and they feel that the printer isnt the issue. I am inclined to agree.

As the Ink Supplier has a very good reputation I am also inclined to believe the ink isnt responsible.

My gut says there may be air in the ink cart but I have already reprimed it and it made no difference at all.

For the record, the Supplier and I have been communicating...I just wanted to see if anyone else here might have experienced anything similar in the past. If so, Please let me know because this is basically driving me nuts!
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