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We're suposed to introduce ourselves, so here I go :)

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I am the brand manager for a fight gear company located in Eastern Europe. We would like to launch a fashion tshirt line connected with our brand, but this is a very new field for us.

What am I looking for is the kind of walkout tshirt that Affliction does for Georges St Pierre or Quinton Rampage Jackson, UFC legends, or TapouT or Silver Star. We would like to make such a tshirt for our own brand. I do not know alot about bank tshirts, design, or printing techniques, but I hope to find this kind of info, aswell as the right contacts here. Are you interested in this project? Do you think you can help? Please drop me a line.
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Welcome Sameold
Sandy jo
Thank You sjidohair, it's good to be here. lots of exciting information here, just what I was looking for. It's just a little bit too much sometimes :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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