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I am fairly new at weeding and I completed my first weeding project today using Avery Heat Transfer paper it came out great with no stretching or any peeling. My question is there a way that I can weed easier like using some type of clear transfer that it would make my work easier and have the same quality of work. Don't know if I worded this correctly! If you can read between lines and understand a little of what I am typing please respond. Thanks!

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There are adhesive masks you can use, generally these are only used on front printable materials. Magic Mask is one of the ones I can think of. This will allow you to do complex things like letters and keep the spacing and everything in tact. If you have something like Rhinestone transfer tape, it's fairly similar and heat safe as well. My main problem is the grab/adhesive bond on these isn't the best, so usually when you pull the design from the backer you could have some problems. I believe Stahls has a new solutions mask with a more aggressive adhesive.

If you're using a cut only material, your cutter settings may need some tweaking to enable easier weeding, or you may want to try a different material.

Stahl's Gorilla Grip for example weeds pretty easily, but the liner isn't adhesive, so if you have a messup, it's near impossible to get the vinyl to stick back down. Their Fashion Film line however has a strong adhesive liner that holds the graphic fairly firm. Their premium plus has a weak adhesive liner that barely holds the material in place.
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