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Weeding Easy Weed

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Is it only me! I ordered Thermoflex Plus and got Sisser Easy week instead. No time to change so I used it for the first time. I had narrow text of about 1/4" and spent a lot of extra time and vinyl trying to weed it. Forget the dot's over i's, gone and never to be seen again. Is it me??
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I've found the sharper the angle you pull the vinyl the easier it is to weed. As close to a 180 degree pull as you can get. Perhaps you might need to adjust your down force on your cutter too.

I had a lot of trouble when I first started using Easyweed, but with time, no trouble at all. I haven't used Thermoflex...
Thanks Brice....I've never had a problem with Thermoflex. I tried every angle you can think of and still the letters came up. Maybe it is me but I know one thing. Don't stray from what works for you. :)
I've been using only EasyWeed, and recently purchased some Thermoflex because my supplier was out of the color I needed. I found Thermoflex harder to pull from the carrier sheet, but more stable (dots on the "i"s and such). You have to take more care when weeding the EasyWeed, but once you get used to it, it is very "easy"; it's just a different feel and technique. I prefer the EW for layering and larger fonts, but the TF for more detailed designs. I hated the TF for a long time until I upgraded my heat press... that changed my mind entirely. Remember that EW is made for the hobbyist - you can use it with an iron (with excellent results); I don't think it stands up as well to the fast weeding and pressing technique that many of us are used to, it just doesn't have much weight to it.
Tank...your right. The EW is thinner and is good for weeding on the larger text. I found out that it presses fine with a good feel and not used to using it, I washed and dried (hot) a sample with good results. It's good because of the lower temp to press and shorter time. The job I was doing also had JPSS so it worked out ok except for the darn weeding. I would use it again but only on larger text.
Yes, I think I wasted a whole roll myself trying to make a pocket-sized state seal for a run of shirts. :) I ended up screen printing the pocket on the front and using EW for the huge agency initials on the back. Turned out beautifully. I can get down to about a .3mm thick line with good results, but only with careful weeding; I'd rather make a screen. (But I only do small jobs, a bigger job would require me to find a straight-jacket supplier.)
We use easy weed when we do vinyl jobs....force set at 60 with a 45 blade and it weeds great.
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