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Website Traffic??

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I'm new here, this is my first post. I've just relaunched my website, I'm trying to find free ways that could bring more traffic to my website. I've had sales here and there but any advice on how to get more sales on a weekly basis.Thanks.
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Think about ways to keep people wanting to come back and check your site. Post things that they your market may be interested in, and avoid staying with a static page for to long. Then when posted, self advertise those website updates on your twitter facebook etc..
What is your website ?
Please post so we can if you need any changes. :)
I'm new here too. I want to know so much thing about this website. If you have any suggestion please tell me.
Thank you :)
I'm new here too. If you have any suggestion please tell me :)
There are so many sources to get traffic now a days thanks to social media. Myspace, twitter, youtube, facebook. Be creative there are endless possibilities.

What type of brand is it or who is your market?

Let me know I can give you some tips that brought me sales and targeted traffic using social media.

Thanks for the replies. I have added my website link to my signature now. I have found some social media promotion but I think it needs to be more targeted towards people that would wear these shirts.Thanks:)
Pretty nice shirts! Your from Orange County? I was raised in Santa Ana :D.

I'll show you my method that worked for me using myspace. Using this software
AddMyBuddies.com | MySpace Friend Adder
I'm not affiliated with the company but that's the software that always worked for me.

Find your target audience. Let's say my brand was geared toward "skaters".

What I did was go to pro skater, skate companies, skate brands myspace pages & myspace groups look under "skaters". Using the software go through all skaters friends and the software will automatically collect the friends ID's. Keep doing it until you collect tons of them. Try not to collect too many artist profiles because they will just span you lol. Our goal is real people like us. Next you send friend requests to them. You can only send around 400 per day. This way I was getting around 1,000 accepted "targeted" friends per week on my myspace. They accept you for a reason. Once you reach thousands of friends send out bulletins with specials and discounts. You should get sales or at least get noticed.

You can use this method with twitter which equals more potential customers.

Also add friends from orange county or from your city that way you can start to get noticed locally and plus locals tend to support local businesses
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Thanks for the post. Sorry I took a while to respond I have been on vacation. I tried out the myspace adder and I seem to be getting some more attention. Have you had any luck with blogs or adding you website to free directories? Thanks:):)
Really? Is Myspace still relevant? I would think Facebook and Twitter would be better for you. However I am no SEO expert. Maybe Myspace still does the trick?
I upgraded from the free version of add my buddies for myspace. So now I can send more than 40 requests a day. So I will let you know next week if it helps with the volume of friend requests.:) Thanks
Love the shirts! Fabulous designs. I agree that Facebook and Twitter need to be mega-employed to get the word out. Good luck.
I agree I think most people are using facebook now but I find it harder to advertise. How to you get people to view your fan page, because you can't add people:/
Check out www.twiends.com and take some time to get the big picture. It can seriously generate some nice amount of traffic to your site for free! I wouldn't look for sales out of them but will give you better rankings over time if you use it alote.
Seo is the way to go. Subscribe to Webpronews, seo is a work in progress.
Twitter and FB are only small tools to get better rankings. Ge a site audit or even better outsource your seo.
I would have a small description on the desgins themsleves to add some personality. Its great artwork, but how would you stand out from all of us comepting in the same space. Who are you and waht you stand for.
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