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Hello all,
We just started our t-shirts business and want to expand it to the internet. Looking at some of the sites we have noticed that you can select different colors of the shirts while the graphics remain on all colors. Can someone please point me in the correct direction for this software. We have our domain name already and will probably start a shop at first using Bigcommerce or Shopify. I appreciate any and all information.
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Not sure if you have made the site or not. I use Word Press for the website. Its a whole lot more complicated to setup at first but it gives you more options for changing things out. I have used shopify and big commerce and they are very limiting on what they allow you to do. I have even had Godaddy make a website before for me. So far i am most happy with Word press. If you are familiar with computers and you do a little research you can probably get a site going within a week. Honestly in my opinion its the best way to go. When you have more control over your site you can fix broken links or change out products as you see fit. Cost me about 300 odd dollars to setup plus what i spent o a few plugins. Results were pretty good so far still adding products. you can check it out here EliteUniformsUSA.com . I haven't figured out a software for changing shirt color while maintaining the artwork. If i find out anything while i finish up the webpage ill come back here and post.
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i too use wordpress with woocommerce
both of which are free, so you could technically have a decent (somewhat generic) site up and running for free
stick with the default storefront theme to start with (less trouble and easy to work with)
then add the bells and whistles as funds become available

there are quite a few really good free plugins to enhance your site right off the bat,
the main issue is adding so many plugins that your site slows to a crawl (or conflicts arise)

for variations and swatches of different color tee's you could try this one (free)
the only pain is you have to directly link each color with each variation
(4 colors x 4 sizes = 16 manual inputs, then multiply this by however many designs you have)
just make sure to backup your site when doing major renos and after completing major renos
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