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Your mobile homepage is really boring, there's nothing there that makes me want to click forward. Can you add something to it? A background pic, a scrolling lookbook, some simple product shots...

When I click on "Search By Brand", I get a long list of clothing brands and nothin else, why is that there? Are you planning on selling second hand stuff from those brands in the future?

I'm not trying to be an ahole, I'm really not so please don't take it that way, but you need to find a better model and a better photographer.

Remember that people buy things because of how it makes them feel, you want to portray the best type of lifestyle possible and currently your product shots don't connect with the description you have given in the About page.

As far as designs, they are not my style, but they seem to be of great quality. I myself use Anvil 980's and I know those are great blanks and the prints look clean.

I would suggest better product shots, better models, a good lookbook and a more welcoming home page.

Best of luck!!!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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