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I kind of like the site, i like the simplicity of it however there are a few things i would change.

Definitely look for a different font, the one your currently using looks too much like a typewriter and really old fashioned!

Also i would have a look at your images, they're all different sizes and proportions, these all need to either be square or all taller then wider and no borders or anything, its currently all over the place in my opinion

Hope you get what I'm trying to say, look forward to seeing the site when its updated


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We are looking for talented people who want to be sponsored by us and wear our clothing when putting their talent to work. Get in touch with us through our Contact page for more details.
I like the simplicity, but to pull it off you also need consistency (as mentioned by purevinyl above) IMHO - Drop shadows or rounded corners, but not both, and the fonts also need to work together. Try viewing in Chrome, it makes a mess of rendering fonts. If it looks good in Chrome, it'll be better in almost every other modern browser. :D

May need more info to cover payment methods (had to checkout to see Paypal), and returns etc.

Lose the hotmail address, use your domain to register a new one.

URLs aren't reader or SEO friendly.

Personally, I'm not keen on the pop up windows when buying an item, but that's just me.

Hope I'm not being too picky, but these are the things I would change. :D

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Chiming in :)

Like the simplicity, white background looks clean. Font being dark and larger sizes makes it easy to read. Good navigation at the top and bottom.

What I would suggest: The navigation items turn white when hovered, basically becoming invisible.

As others have suggested, correct the spelling & grammar. Have a consistent font/font family. (I like the Courier type-writer style font but not sure it matches your brand, and it's not cohesive with other fonts on the page.)

Your twitter and facebook links lead to incorrect/outdated accounts. Change to your new account - and congrats on 4K+ followers!

Continued success!
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