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Website Review needed. www.gawscs.com

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I could really use some feedback on my website. Just made my first post lastnight. Tell me what you all think. Constructive critcism is a must

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Are you trying to sell stuff or just promote your shirts? I like the design of the shirt and the backwards type on the site that I saw but I'm not sure what the site is for.

I hate when I click to go to a site and it takes me to an image that makes me click again to go to the site. I already clicked to go to the site why do people make my click again. It's like your are asking me if I'm really sure whether or not I want to go to your site. The only reason I clicked it was because of this forum. Any time I'm surfing or going to a site and it wants me click again to go to a site I already clicked to go to I just move on and don't even bother. I know this may seem petty but I really urks me. It's almost like an insult.

I mean if someone already knows what you're all about the site might work but for me I find it quite confusing as to what it's trying to do. Also it's hard to give a full critique of a site that isn't finished yet.

Hope this helps
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for the most part your site,looks good and clean i would have to agree with delbert jus on two points one.the extra click onec u r on the site, the pic that pops up,im not sure if u need that i mean you would want viewers to get right to the shirts.and like delbert said your site is not yet done so i cant give a full review but like i said it looks good so fare, but you definitely want to get your shopping cart up so you can start getting your sales. and also your pics on your site is well takein, good job keep up the good work hope this help. www.four-ts.com
First off - really like the designs; they catch the eye and work well. Have the blog as a secondary page; people are lazy. Nobody wants to click through different tabs to reach the product and you could loose a lot of potential shoppers.
I like the site itself; the logo might get a few people confused since if you look at it really fast (and with no sleep ,like I just did) it looks like the communist hammer & sickle sign - you could have a few interesting reactions from that.

Overall good stuff; but get your shop up as a priority & finish the site. I think you should do well with this; if you market it properly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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