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We sold 105 in a few hours today

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Wow. I always have wondered if anyone has had real success with those deals.
Yes, but did you make any profit? Many retailers are complaining that the daily deals are not bringing that many new customers, just saving money for their regular customers.
yes we did the first claimer came in and gave us a $500. job for his 5 trucks.
This is the plan for new clients.
Excellent. Obviously worked for you.
Make that 164! Congrats!!
We just hit 210. Not bad for our county only. Hope to do this again.
Just out of curiosity, what kind of printer are you using?
So, this is due to your Ad on Living Social? How much do they charge?
That is crazy. I am going to have to start using you. $7.50 to do a canvas with the stretcher bars. That is great. Or at least I am assuming(I know) that it is the same as groupon, you give them 50% then the customer gets 50% off that. Is that correct? I guess I just do not know how people make money doing those deals.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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