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I think I'd have to agree with jdr8271 on this one.

I don't think the overly descriptive text is a problem by itself. That can be a good thing. Often I find sites with little to NO description of their t-shirts, which is definitely a bad thing.

I think the problem with the descriptive text here is that you have to scroll through it all to get to the add to cart button. I think if they placed the add-to-cart above the fold or in the middle of the text (maybe after the first paragraph sort of as a teaser), it would work much better.

I think the t-shirt images are great, but the navigation to get to them could be more clear. I'd put the free shipping banner up in the header so it is more easily seen.

I do like the fact that the site has a very unique style (helps with branding and word of mouth), but style doesn't have to get in the way of useability.
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