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We Did It! New Heat Press

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Hello everyone! Well my hubby and i order a heat press on yesterday! I am so very excited. We also purchase the accessories pack. My husband spent the most part of the day looking at designs to use as I purchase some shirts so that he could practice on. Have been reading here about how to make sure that the designs line up correctly and really thinking about purchasing the square up tool. If anyone here can advise of anything else we made need to help thru our growing pains. Please let me know.

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Congratulations, Carolyn & Hubby! Best of luck with it and many happy shirts, etc. :)

You can use parchment paper to cover your transfers to keep your upper platen all nice, clean and shiny, but a teflon sheet is very nice too. The teflon also help prevent scorch marks on cotton shirts. Another nice item is the fitted teflon pad that covers the lower platen. It helps shirts slide smoothly on the bottom platen, and in case of a ugly mistake, saves you from hours of clean up. It can also help extend the life of the rubber in the lower platen.

Something to raise your work area above the seams is nice. I use a mouse pad, I had one here and it can take the heat. I just cut it to size, and presto, it works. Uncorrogated cardboard does the same thing.

For lining up my transfers, I use a Fringe Cut by June Taylor. Quite a few others do, too. It was $11 from Walmart. It has numbers and lines, and is one piece. Here is a link to the photo of it that I posted.


If your press doesn't come with a timer, a stand alone timer,,, beats counting the seconds on the clock. :D

Good luck to you and ....
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I agree with Kelly's tips! and add that if either of you are handy with a welder or woodwork building a stand for the press so your at standing hight is a worthwhile addition too! (Something I'm working on now!)

Bending over at a table or bench is a pain! literally!

(Oh and keep some burn cream on hand... sooner or later you'll most likely use it!)
Congratulations !! try to find an outlet on the wall where there is not much load ( many appliances ) so it will not trip the circuit breaker every time you have the press on. If you can have your husband run a dedicated circuit for it, you will press worries free !! good luck. :)
Congrats, and good luck.. Set up a folder for temps and time, and keep near the press. This will make it easier for you when switching transfers. Make sure the area has very good lighting.
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