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I have been doing test prints using foil. My first test were with 110 mesh screens using Matsui Top Ink adhesive cured at 320-350 for 1.5 minutes, then heat pressed at 320 for 10 seconds, mid to heavy pressure. I was getting mixed results, but the majority of the time, the foil did not stick completely. Today, I tried a 60, and a 83 mesh screen with 2 layers of emulsion so that I would be laying down plenty of adhesive. Same results. I then tried taking the shirt directly from my printing press to the heat press and the foil worked fine. I'm assuming that the problem is that the Top Ink adhesive loses its "stick" when it reaches a certain temp. Does anyone know what to use that can withstand the heat required to cure water based ink, but will still hold a good foil print after going through the dryer? I also tried foiling to Wilflex plastisol ink, and Wilflex High Density clear, and it did not foil completely either.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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