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Looking for a printer knowledgeable and skilled in Water Based and discharge printing to establish a long term working relationship.
I am looking for a printer that uses matsui inks (both RC and opaque), and does discharge printing. Additionally, if you print with an automatic press--that would be the best, as SOME of designs have large print areas and getting an even print might be helped by this.

Print jobs would vary: T-shirts, totes (almost all colors, they do discharge--but this would be something to test with your system...), Bandanas, and a material (not a t-shirt) that I provide--a tightly woven, smooth, natural colored (light) cotton canvas.

The designs are simple, all of them are one color. I would provide a pantone number.
I am looking to start with prints 50-100 per design and larger editions as needed.
If you are in the northeast--that is great, if not no worries--any where in the US is fine.

PM me, if you think we could work together and then we could be more specific about a quote for the first job.
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