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waterbased/discharge conveyor dryers??

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howdy - i am shopping around for a new conveyor dryer that will handle waterbased/discharge better than my vastex econored - the forced air is ok but anytime there is overprinting i gotta run the shirts through twice - i was looking at the ranar turbojet - anyone got any opinions/suggestions on this?

thanks in advance

- al
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You should re-visit the specs on Vastex dryers. If it's an older model EconoRed, it will not have the airflow needed for waterbase.
Of course you still need to use a long enough dryer to give you suficient dwell time under the heat. If your dryer is too short it will not dry/cure unless you set the belt to creep mode...

In the last several years, Vastex has tremendously improved their ability to dry "AND" cure waterbased inks and delicate materials.

A distinct advantage with Vastex is the ability to "grow your dryer" with your business. All of their dryers are modular designs that can be added to at any time in the future.

We have used Vastex dryers over the last 3 years at Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) to print Matsui Discharge and it has worked completely in one pass.
hey thanks for the info - i actually just got my new Big Red 30 set up and rolling this week and am loving it - plus the sales rep at vastex was awesome so thats always nice
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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