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Hey guys!,

I am complete noob at the whole shirt printing thing and I am currently having some harsh problems here. What I am currently using is a EPSON DTG printer on 100% cotton shirts and only using the colour black.

What the problem is that when the actual design on the shirt gets in contact with water the design would change to a orange looking colour on where the water hits. I have no clue what to do and I'm not to sure if I am curing the shirts correctly or if I'm using the incorrect ink (water based, brand unknown). Please Help!

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Re: Please help me!

That's a strange one for sure. It could be the inks or the cure times.

You should be using a waterbased textile ink for direct to garment. When you cure for light garments, when not using white ink, you want to cure at 177 degrees celsius for 60 seconds using a heat press. Not knowing the brand of inks could be a problem too. If you plan on selling your garments, which I assume you are, find a reputable dtg distributor company to purchase your inks from.

Good luck and welcome to the world of dtg!
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