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Water based stamp ink

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I was in Tokyo and while visiting a store called Muji, I found they had blank stationary with stamps you could put on them. I then found you could do a similar thing with plain cotton t-shirts. They had less stamps available for the fabric items, however, so I went and used the stationary stamps which I believe are water based. I was told that they weren't meant for the fabric so they'd probably wash of if I were to wash the shirt...

So following that preamble, I'm not sure I have any idea on this; how can I 'set' the ink so it won't run?

I've heard of ironing but would that apply for ink that was put onto a shirt using a simple stamp?

Nail polish and hair spray were also mentioned but searching these in the internet haven't shown anything...

Any help will be useful!
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For what you're wanting to do, I'd suggest you get something from the Createx paint line, Golden Acrylics, LiquidTex, etc. You can reduce these, if you want, then yes, you can heatseal them with an iron. You'll want to iron the backside of the shirt, not the paint side and just follow the directions for time/temp (to fully seal/cure) onto your shirt. The Createx line is one that I've used for years in my airbrush work. The paint outlives the shirts if applied/cured correctly.
Sorry, I should've mentioned, I've already put the stamps on the shirt (You had to do it in the store), so the inks been on the shirt for about 5 weeks now... It hasn't run at all, though I haven't worn it yet...
Then, go ahead and iron the backside (non printed side) of your shirt.
Most likely, 10 minutes per area, keeping the iron moving, so you don't scorch the shirt.
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