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It would be better to have the washed vintage look in your artwork rather than in the washing. Aside from the unpredictability due to the many variables involved in the ink mixture and therefore the effect would be inconsistent, I doubt if selling pre-washed shirts (to reveal the vintage look) would be practical.

I would prefer long drying waterbased inks but it requires a longer curing time than plastisol. Unless some quick cure additive is added to the waterbased ink the side effect of which will be inks drying in your screen like in every 1-3 dozen prints or so depending on how quick is the quick drying.

Or ... unless you use a line table system with hundreds of platens or print in batches.

Discharge inks should also do the job nicely but I have only 'tested' it. As posted above it can be done in plastisol although, as said, I believe waterbased inks would be better.
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