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Water Based/Discharge ink cracking and fading

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What am I doing wrong?

I am no printing water based with discharge. All Ryonet products. I did a job a couple months ago and they came out great. This time not so much. I'm using the Ryonet CSM to get my colors. Colors 7467(turquoise) and 376 (a green color) white white discharge base. 200 mesh screens. The color seems to be flaking and cracking after I dry them.

My steps are:
Print first color, green with one pass. Dry to the touch with a heat gun, a few seconds. Lay down a second coat of green then hit it with the heat gun again, dry to the touch so the ink doesn't come back up on the screen of the second color.
Then do the same with the next color which is a turquoise. About 1/8" off contact.

After printing both colors, I put it under an infrared flash for about three minutes, about 5 inches off the shirt. Temperature seems to be reaching about 350.

Am I drying it too long?
Am I laying down too much ink?
Should I not lay down a second coat with discharge?
Should I be doing wet on wet?
No off contact?

The only thing I can think of is, the second coat I'm laying down and the flashing with the heat gun in between. But, I didn't lay the second coat down, it looked like there wasn't enough ink on the shirt.

Please help!


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When I do discharge I use no off contact, wet on wet, 1 coat, heavy pressure.
Thanks, Fresh Prints.

Do you use no off contact with all Water Based printing?
Actually, I am not sure, I usually print all black tees, I have really never used regular water base inks. I would think it is the same process though. Maybe someone else will know better. Good Luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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