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Water based adhesive disaster. Help!

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I decided this week to make the switch from spray adhesive to water based. Disaster. I carded a thin layer onto clean palettes and after flashing it to dry it I ended up with a nice super-sticky layer. Problem is that when I take the shirts off the palette the adhevise sticks to the inside of the shirt and not the palette. My customer for that job was less than impressed. Am using Alba Brush Tac. Anyone have this experience? Any advice? Would love to stop using spray but not if it causes problems.
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Your pallets are getting too hot. Watch how long you are flashing on the pallet. I also cover my pallets in vinyl transfer tape aka platen tape aka really wide masking tape. The wb tack never pulls off for me unless I over heat. If you are doing your final cure on the platen try removing the shirt first and laying it on top of the platen and then doing your cure.
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either you laid down too much adhesive at once, you are getting the platen too hot, or both.
I mix my WB adhesive in a spray bottle with water to thin it down and to be able to spray a move even coating over the platen. I then use an ink cleanup card to make sure it's across the whole image area. Then flash to make sure it has dried.
On single color jobs I will have to reflash more often because there is less adhesive on the platen than normal, but I don't have to worry about getting a shirt stuck to the adhesive and messing up the print when pulling the shirt off or, Worse, getting adhesive stuck to the shirt.
Oh... and avoid curing on the platen you are using for printing. I have an old 16x16 platen that I have next to my press for curing. I just have it propped up to the same height as my press platen via rolls of masking tape underneath. :)
I have great luck with platen tape and applying water based adhesive with a 4" paintbrush. Just a thin coat is all you need. I can clean the "shirt fuzz" with a spray bottle of water and a semi-stiff brush. I can usually clean the platens 5 or 6 times (300+/- shirts) before I re-tape or reapply a new coat of adhesive. I am using tekmar tb-10 adhesive and a gallon lasts over a year on my 4 station manual press.
Thanks so much for the feedback. I'll make some adjustments and try again. Spray adhesive is just so easy to use but the price of my lungs is too high.
I solved my problem so I thought I would post it here in case anyone else was having same problem. I simply diluted my adhesive with a 1:1 ratio of water and now have no problems. Can get aprox 250 shirts or so out of a single application. It seems the adhesive is just way too sticky straight from the bottle.
Yup. I use TexTac, and I thin it to the consistency of milk. Put it on with a brush. If I'm doing heart prints on a "dirty" platen, I just clean the lint buildup off the part where the image will be. The rest doesn't get any worse, and it makes pulling the rest of the shirt off much easier as I print.
I only change platen tape a couple of times a year, unless it gets bumpy from lint balls that didn't come off the adhesive by wiping with a wet sponge over the course of months.
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