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hey everyone!

i found out about this forum a few days ago, every question i had searched in google sent me over here, and i evetually i understood this is a heck of a forum!

i have recently purchased a working t shirt factory; 1 place consisting of 3 rooms - 1st room with all the screens, inks, a drying closet with screen shelves, a big sink with one regular pressure hose, one high pressure hose, and one benzine hose (mostly for plastisol cleaning), and a 1000 watt halogen light beneath a glass plate (for the emulsion exposure). the second room consists of a 8 head Vastex v-2000 HD screen press machine, a Vastex Flash machine (says Red Flash Spot Cure System) and a conveyor belt oven (says Jet Star on the side and Ranar on the front).
the 3rd room is the office with computers and an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 printer. (plus more extras here and there around the rooms) .

if you have energy after this, i hope you wont mind hearing about what i do...
im actually a graphic designer..i design websites mostly for a living, but i have alot of stuff on the side - i produce hiphop and have an album coming out, i work on my own websites, and amongst other stuff i started printing my own shirts at home...just fell inlove with the frsutrating procedure
making a long story short, 2 years have passed and i got involved in a clothing company i now own with a partner. after searching for the perfect screen print factory, we realized we need to do it by ourselves if we want to go BIG, so we found this place and invested some money.

now...thankyou all for reading so far...
as you can probably realize i found out that professionally screen printing is not even close to home printing, and im getting so frustrated ! i hope this forum will get me through the first few monthes and specifically with a few questions i have (i will post them in the correct forum)

thank you all for reading! i know this place is awsome, hope to have a good time while learning and developing!

have good day yall :)

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Welcome to the forums Guy :) There are some really great screen printers here that I am sure would be happy to help with your questions.
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