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Apparently, Redbubble have had difficulties in displaying their sticker product images and have come up with a long-winded work-around in fabric.js - Sticker Effect on Transparent PNGs with HTML5 Canvas
a) It's obviously not long-winded... just a few lines of code.
b) fabric.js is obviously not used for this part.
c) There is a reason it's done this way. If they have the full size version of the graphic on the client-side, people will just steal it.

Using WASM-ImageMagick you now have the power of IM running natively in the user's browser, with no calls to the server required and no Node.js required. Pure Vanilla JS.
What makes ImageMagick "special" on the server-side is its ability to process huge images with very little RAM (ie $5 servers with 1GB RAM).
For client-side applications, canvas/WebGL are better and easier options.
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