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washout disposal in the uk

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hi there folks

i have used the search facility and read the threads on disposal of wash out waste, but i was left still wondering on how people in the UK deal with this in a legal and safe manner.
We were going to setup our business at home, but as we have a septic tank this ain't gonna happen, so we have started looking at small industrial units.
we have equipment bought, supplies ready to be ordered and the one burning question i still have playing on my mind is this one about getting rid of the effluent generated during washout and screen reclamation.
i understand how the use of tape, scraping the remaining ink back into the pots and using rags to wipe down the screens, but its the bit after all that, when the screens go into the washout booth to be cleaned or stripped, there is still going to be some remaining ink left in the screens. i know i can purchase environmentally safe stripping solutions and what not, im just really concerned about the waste ink in the washout water issue.
Up until now i have been using water based inks etc when doing art prints, but now i am hoping to diversify into clothing, so this question has arose.

im hoping someone can help me with this query as we are so close to pulling the trigger on our new business, but genuinely don't want to get any costly or legal suprises that we hadn't already planned for.

many thanks in advance :)
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Your local water authority want to know how much and what is going in the system. They came round took some samples of our stuff worked out how many cubic metres a year we would be washing out and then said it was Ok to go in the drain at the said qtys.
There are a few forms you have to fill in )long winded) but then they work out the extra cost per year for the amount you send down the drain.
Ours is about £300 extra.
BTW they also came round a few times and took sneaky samples themselves without telling us form the grid outside the premises.
I was ecpecting big costs but in the end I dont think its that bad.
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