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Washout Booth Filter

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What does everyone use for a filter on their washout booth? I am kind of concerend with lettting emulsion go directly down the drain. All the filters I have seen online were around $1500. way too expensive for me.

Are there any cheaper filters I can buy? or a do it yourself solution? Or just not use one at all?
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Is your booth directly connected to the drain or bucket?

If it is directly connected, a simple metal drain catcher will work just like your kitchen sink). If you are using a bucket, the first concept works, but you can also place a mesh screen on top of the bucket (this will catch most of the emulsion) as it drips down into the bucket.
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on my drain I have two layers of window screen to catch the big stuff.
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Don't worry about the emulsion going down the drain. That is where it is meant to go.

I made a simple cloth filter to try to clean up my dip tank. The cloth wasn't able to capture any dissolved emulsion. The particle size that emulsion would be like trying to filter the water out of milk.

What you don't want to send down the drain is the ink. Wipe the screens down with paper towels.

I was worried about this too, are you saying the emulsion is no big deal, and wont clog up the plumbing?
I use a home made "grease trap" setup that then runs into the main sewer line. Works great! Does not filter the .000000004 micron parts out but I don't plan on drinking what comes out of the washout booth.
I cut up round pieces of that blue washable furnace filter material (looks a little like a scrub pad) that comes in a large sheet at Home Depot and place it in the drain in the sink bottom. Don't stuff it in real tight, but snug enough so water has to pass through it. It'll plug up with emulsion chunks, and over not too long a period start to plug up with captured dissolved emulsion. A sheet will last you a lifetime,
2 pales, some window screen and PVC piping. Cut the bottom off the first pale, stretch the window screen over the second and stack them.
Cut a hole in the cover for the drain from the washout booth and run some PVC through the bottom of the second and out to a drain.
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