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Hello everyone . i'm trying to do some printing with DIY epson stylus 1500 on white t shirts. Images coming out great on pretreated white Ts . used rtp ready to print used gildan ringspun and AA ( pretreated myself with spray bottle ) love the colour detail everything is fine . done tests on all Ts with half and half one side pretreated one not . tried spray heat press then print tried spray brush heatpress tried heatpress spray brush press.
Tried 170% colour settings ( acrorip) at 1440dpi tried 2 passes at 70% colour 720 dpi . tried gradient white underlay before color print .
In almost all cases pretreated side cones out crisp nice image unpretreated a bit lacking vibrancy .after each initial wash test colors dont wash out but on pretreated side i get fibrillation unpretread side always looks better .did more test washes problemndont seem to get bigger stays about the same just like after first wash.
Im completly lost. I suppose not pretreating and using higher % ink would be almost same costwise like pretreat + lower ink but image vibrancy is a bit of a let down.
Any ideas what might we at fault ?
Oh i use IA light pretreat and not sure about in but its some cheaper probably unbrabded DTG ink.
Just bought wagner w100 gonna try to do a test with taht today but not holding my breath here
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