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wash out

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I'm at a loss
I bought new emulsion , Pro Chem photo blue
The first time I coated the screens Dryed in cab for 2.5 hours and exposed screen 40 sec and the washed out image at night
Everything worked great , did 6 screens
Now today nothing works , can't wash out any screens even ones not burned .
The weather is a bit cold for CA so the emulsion got a bit cold in storage . I was trying to was out during the day and my washout booth is out side .
I'm going to try again tonight . I have cleaned the screens and degreased them , I will now coat them 1 & 1 and put in drying cab . hope this works
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The sun is a much stronger exposure unit than your exposure unit. If you must wash them out outside, get them wet first (enough that the image starts to develop) and take them out one at a time.
Not sure but after dark it all works again . YEA !!!!

The sun must be exposing the screen in the 30 sec from light safe room to washout booth . After I burn screen I spray water from spay bottle and walk to washout booth in day time doesn't work at night all good
So last test tomorrow in the day I will burn again spray water then put screen in black trash bag to transport to washout booth .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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