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Was this shirt printed with DTG?

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So I have a similar type of design to this one and am wondering how it was printed and the steps that were taken from start to finish. Is this DTG, 4 color process or what? I have approached a few printing shops but they seem scared to tackle the design so any clarity brought to it would be very helpful

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I have one of them that is done the same way. It feels like it has a very thin layer of ink
Does it have a half-tone pattern if you look closely at it?
It's hard to tell. Does DTG sit on top of the cloth a good amount or is it very very thin when printed?
The clean printed neck, would seem like there would have to be some clearance between the garment and the head/screen, so I vote for DTG, if the neck is not pressed probably a kornit and tunnel dried. I might be wrong but screenprinting necks with detail never work for me, to uneven.
It's 100% cotton
I vote for DTG also
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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