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Wanting to trade

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Does anyone have a Roland VersaCamm sp300v or sp540v that this in working condition that they would be willing to trade for some screen printing equipment such as a workhorse 6/4 manual press, kodiak flash unit, screens, inventory (shirts, hats, etc), boxes full of precut stahls numbers and letters, athletic number screens system and some other screen printing equipment/items that I have. I also have an antique guillotine paper cutter possibly dated back to the late 1800's (after doing an internet search on the company that had made it) and it is in perfect working condition. Has had most rust removed other than recent from a few drops of rain when I moved it, I sanded it down to bare metal and repainted it, greased it up and sharpened the blade. It cuts through phone books like butter. It is a great piece of machinery and works well but I am not in the paper business anymore. Let me know if anyone has any interest in this and we can discuss this in more detail.


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