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Wanting to connect with Summit 520 owners

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I am looking to connect with others who have selected the Summit 520 for their DTG Printing.

Overall experiences, tricks and tips Ect...?

I have been searching this forum for information and have learned a lot. Now looking for specifics to the machine.

I have been printing with it for about a year now - newbee with some experience...Thank you in advance.... :)
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I have been using this machine for a month now. I have no experience on it though.
I have had mine for 2 years and I have had every single problem you can think of... seriously, when the printer works it works great :D

I have google + skype etc. I am willing to share my experiences and knowledge with you guys on how to get some equally good prints

mauiislandink - YouTube
unfortunately i have one also. nothing but issues
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