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wanted to buy used dtg printer

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I want to buy a used dtg printer for hobby purposes. Prefer as low a price as i can get but up to $10k. Im in South Australia. Email [email protected]
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Buying any kind of DTG for hobby use is not a very good idea. DTG units need a lot of maintenance and use. If you are doing 20 to 30 shirts per day it will take forever to recover your investment. Suggest you re think your biz plan.
I would agree with Charles. But I think that taking the DIY route would be fine for you.
What is the diy route? I looked at the alternative of chromoblast but didnt like the quality and sublimation on polyester is not my thing. I have been looking at the anajet sprint but dont want to pay full price for new as it isnt worth it to me, i want to print on canvas and material panels.
Ok now had a look at the diy threads, i cant build one :) but are there people who build and sell diy version of dtg printers?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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