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Wanted: Embroidery Outsource Connection

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Hello. I am a screen printer and looking for someone to outsource my embroidery requests to. I want to offer embroidery but not ready to buy my own machine yet. Please help if you can and any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I am near Pittsburgh, Pa.

My email is [email protected]
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Wish I was closer. I am in Illinois.

Good luck,
we are in florida but ship all over the world if that helps.
The closer to me the better of course but my main objective is to be able to offer my customers embroidered items. I have lost orders in the past because I could not. I am not sure how often I would need someone or how large the orders might be but the important thing is to have embroidery available. So in short I just need someone that is willing that I can rely on. If I have to have someone in Illinois or Florida than so be it. I dont expect to make a ton of money from outsourcing but being able to fulfill the order and make my customer happy is most important.
That definately makes sense. We outsource sublimated uniforms ..and they are in California. (again, we are in fl)...but these days...it doesn't matter where anyone is because everyone drop ships.
Buy a used machine. I'm in Cleveland. Their are a few companies here if you really need someone, but I'm sure you can find someone there as well.
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I do not get a ton of embroidery requests and even though I want to get my own machine I can not afford one at the time. I am in need of someone regardless of location willing to do some outsourced work for me. If there is anyone out there that is willing to let me drop ship my items to you, embroider them and send them back please let me know. I would like to find one person or company that I know I can count on when I need them. Of course someone close would be the best but if I have to allow some time for shipping than that I will do. My email is [email protected] and if you or someone you know can help me please contact me at this email address. I have gotten several hits on this thread but would love to find someone willing to commit to my needs.

Thank you all for your comments. They are all appreciated.
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