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Want to Sublimation

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Hello everyone, I am looking for another avenue to help boost my embroidery shop. I have become very facinated with the whole dye sublimation thing but, i do have some concerns! The whole vapor, gas smell or fumes are a big concern for me is this still a problem? Also customer service is huge for me and price at this point. I spoke with some one from Conde today and I need like a starter system and was considering the gx7000 would be something that I could grow into. Could anyone give me there suggestions on this I would really appreciate it. I tried talking to my hubby about it and he looks at me like I am speaking greek!

Thanks so much

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I would recommend placing the heat press in a well ventilated area. Mouse pad material is the main substrate that smells when heated.

The gx7000 is an excellent choice.

Here are two articles that may help.



Let me know.
I have the GX7000 and it is an excellent machine BUT...if you can live with a max size of 8.5x14..for less than half the price you can get a Richol e3300 with ink...so for about $450 you can be in business...that price includes the gel sublimation ink..I think it will do banners..so that would mean you could do more than 14 inch... but I have not seen that in action

You may want to first consider outsourcing your dye sublimation products to someone local to you. This will allow you to determine if you can produce enough revenue to justify bringing it in-house. Dye sublimation, like embroidery, DTG, etc. is not something you can simply plug in and start producing professional results the first week. It takes time and experience and if you are new you really need to partner with a professional distributor that is active in the dye sublimation community. Johnson Plastic and Conde are two that you see frequently assisting people on this site.

We outsource our embroidery and in return do some dye sub work for them. This works great for us.
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Thanks guys for all the information there is just one problem! No one in my area does dye sublimation and if they do. It's not well known. I do embroidery, tackle twill embroidery, etc there are alot of embroidery shops in my area and screenprinters are a dime a dozen. I need something to bust sales in my shop and thought this might be the way to go. I am sure it will take time to produce a high quality products that people will buy just as any other application. Have considered subing this out but want to do so with someone close to me. Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Also charles, I will take your advise and take a closer look at the e3300. Perhaps if this does or does not take off, I won't have wasted alot of money and I can always upgrade right! On-Line jersey, what type of embroidery work do you sub out?


The vast majority of embroidey work we require is caps. We looked at bringing it in-house but the more we really looked at it the more we realized that it is not as simple as the sales reps for the equipment tend to make it to be. Considering how long it took us to get comfortable with dye sublimation I really did not want to go through it again with embroidery and felt best to stick with what we know best and outsource. We do the same with screened t-shirts as well.
The GX e3300N is a good starter printer, and is less of a cost commitment than the GX 7000.

Sublimation also can work quite well with embroidery. There is a learning curve, as with undertaking anything new, but if you're doing embroidery you shouldn't have much of an issue doing sublimation.

Here are some blog posts you might find helpful:

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