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Hi all - please refrain sexual inuendos jokes from the subject... :D

I've always wanted to be involved in the t-shirt business, mostly because I think it'd be fun and it'd be fairly 'relaxing' in a sense that it's not too complicated, but there's work to be done and I'd wear and enjoy the products I'd be selling, so it'd be something positive to do.

I've read different threads on basic startup, but I haven't found any comprehensive things that include different options for online store front scripts / software available, or billing options, or different options overall and how to go about getting my own designs on shirts and out to individuals all over the world - I haven't search specifically for all these individually yet though I may have missed good threads/discussions.

I'm wanting to do something similar to Threadless, yes, everyone probably wants to do that. I want to be ethical / fair labour practices, etc. with the product I use/sell; I've seen a couple of sites that do this so far, so kudos to them.

Is there a list of different companies that do printing, warehousing and drop-shipping?

Are there any other questions I should be asking or thinking about?

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